Open Thread: Tractor and Millstone

Just a Ford tractor, sitting around with a random millstone by it.

Taken in late May 2017, back when the place where it was taken was still my family's farm.

For the record, I have no idea why that millstone is there.  I don't mean there specifically, I can sort of figure that out, I have no idea why it exists.

Based on what I know, it was there specifically because it was in the process of being moved.  Millstones are heavy; when time and conditions allow, breaking up a millstone move over multiple days isn't a bad idea.  After a partial move it must have been left there until it was time to move it the next bit.

The thing is, it was being moved from place-which-is-not-a-mill.  I have no idea why place-which-is-not-a-mill should have had a millstone to move.


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