Storify: "Cis Enbys" and Nope

Storify is shutting down in May and has informed users that we have to migrate our content elsewhere if we wish to save it. This is one of my old threads.

A Brief Thread on Nonbinary Gender Identities.

There are hundreds of nonbinary (i.e., not Man or Woman) genders. Here is an incomplete list of some. When you were born, your parents and doctor gave you a gender assignment. IF that assignment matches your gender, you're cis. If not: trans.

It is possible to be cis + nonbinary, but for that to happen your parents would have had to raise you with an assigned-at-birth nonbinary gender. Since very, VERY few parents assign their children nonbinary genders at birth, 99.99999999% of enby people are transgender.

Now this part is important. Pull in close and listen up.

Your gender can be ANYTHING and can have NOTHING to do with what you were assigned at birth or what's between your legs. Your gender is YOUR GENDER, and if it doesn't 1-to-1 match what you were assigned at birth, YOU ARE TRANS. Why am I shouting? I will tell you.

Someone was out here today saying that if you were assigned-girl-at-birth and you're a demigirl, then it's "close enough" to cis. That AFAB demigirls are "cis enbys". NOPE. NOPE.

Gender is not a game of horseshoes. If you are nonbinary gender, you are trans no matter how much or little overlap you have with your AGAB. AFAB Demigirls are not "cis" because they're "close enough" to their assigned gender at birth. That is transphobic erasure and wrong.

Nonbinary genders are each individually REAL AND VALID. They aren't all "basically" one of three ("man, woman, third gender"). Anyone coming out here to toss gender cards into binary or trinary buckets is a transphobe you can block and never speak to again.


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