Storify: Calling In Our Own

Storify is shutting down in May and has informed users that we have to migrate our content elsewhere if we wish to save it. This is one of my old threads.

I'm going to say some unpopular enby things now, so go ahead and mute/block me in advance, I guess. A thread.

1/ I say this as my opinion and an enby person: enby people shouldn't be going after enby-exclusionary trans women.

2/ Are there enby-exclusionary trans women? Yes. I've run into them. It hurts. Harm is done. Undeniable harm.

3/ And I absolutely think if someone is enby-exclusionary at you, it's fine and appropriate to talk about the facts of what happened.

4/ But I've seen enby people take "X is enby-exclusionary" as a reason to harass trans women they've had no previous contact with.

5/ "Privilege" doesn't work well as a concept among trans groups, imo. But trans women receive a tremendous amount of harassment.

6/ We do not need to be adding to that harassment pile, EVEN IF they "deserve" it.

7/ Trans women will collect their own. I know many many trans women on here who confront enby-exclusionary people about their behavior.

8/ Lateral violence from enbys will not help change their minds (probably they've already been hurt by enbys!*) and makes others unsafe.

9/ *and, yes, it's relevant that a lot of TERFs claim to be enbys in order to hurt trans women. They may have only encountered THOSE enbys.

10/ Does that make enby-exclusionary language right or harmless? No! That's why I'm grateful for the trans women who call in their own.

11/ But our being trans as enbys doesn't mean we get to beat on trans women as easy targets for our very real pain.

12/ There are eleven zillion enby-exclusionary cis people over there. We generally don't confront them because THEY could hurt us.

13/ But if we're hurting trans women because it's safer than hurting cis people, we need a long look in the mirror as to who that helps.

14/ Bigotry is bad, no matter the source. But our choice of which bigotry to address can itself be bigoted.

15/ Anyway. Let trans women call in their own. And we need to be more vigorous in calling in OUR enby own.

16/ I see enbys harassing trans women for being trans-exclusionary but then look the other way when TERF enbys roll through here.

17/ If your activism is only looking out for yourself and not calling in our problematic enby siblings, it's not really activism.

Anyway. Sorry. My two cents as an enby out here.

(Also, for the record, all this applies to trans men too. Enbys don't need to be going after trans men. Let trans man call in trans men.)


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