Open Thread: Evidence That The World Will Not End In Flood

Ok, technically it's evidence that Yahweh (always remember that the vowels may be wrong) won't destroy the world with a flood, which still leaves a lot of room for other people and things to destroy the world in a flood, but still.

What happened was this: After a storm there was the most vibrant rainbow I have ever seen (yes, it was a full arc double rainbow) with a supernumerary rainbow clearly evident below it which I don't think I've ever seen before. (I wondered if it could be one of the "greater than two" rainbows, but none fit the placement and color direction, so I had to look it up and find out that supernumerary bows are thing.)

The violet band was as visible as I've ever seen it and had another violet band below it, separated from the main violet by a green band.  (Hello, supernumerary bow.)

But, you see, I was over here, and my camera was over there, and I knew that getting the camera would kill the wonderful sights.  Eventually I walked over anyway, returned with my camera, and as expected the rainbow was much diminished.  Hence the picture.


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