Open Thread: Everything Sucks, but I Love You

As a trans disabled USian, I'm not doing too well.

Here are some twitter threads for anyone who wants:
* The thing the President said about trans people.
* The thing my Mom said about my writing.
* The thing I did at work.
* The feelings I'm having right now

Here is the short version: I'm low of spoons and in a depression trough so I haven't been responding to people the way I'd like. I wish I could individually write you all and tell you how much I love you because honestly it's a lot. My ultimate wish would be to send you all my love on really special paper, written in way better handwriting than mine, and sealed with a fancy wax seal which goes to show how much I mean it. But in lieu of spoons, I can at least do this post: I love you.

I'm going to try to start sending out early beta read emails to people on the project I wrote about last June. This is less because the writing is ready for prime time and more because I feel like people need something nice right now. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, if you signed up for that, you'll get an email sometime today about the project.

For everyone else: I have half a Narnia post written. I will try to finish it soon. I'm still here, I promise. I love you all. Please hang in there and be safe.


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