Self-Promotion: Pre-Announcement Announcement

So. Okay. Deep breath.

I have published a book! (Okay, yes, another one.)

I wanted to hold off on the announcement until I had a chance to check the Kindle upload, (and I've ALREADY uploaded a minor correction that Amazon has to stew at for 72 hours (lolsob)) so unless you just need it RIGHT NOW, I recommend waiting until Monday (DON'T WORRY I'LL REMIND YOU) to buy. (Though, I mean, it's a minor added sentence and also you probably have updates automatically enabled, so it's OKAY to go ahead.)

BUT if you are in need of a book on Thanksgiving (and I FEEL YOU SO HARD if you do), this MASTERPIECE exists:

Also, I will totally have a BIGGER AND BETTER announcement later, including how to get non-kindle versions. It's just that I have to do everything in tiny little ripple waves (while also making a mac-and-cheese dish to take to Thanksgiving.) :)

Update: Oh, wow, my final edit is already live (THANKS AMAZON!) and therefore you can buy my awesome book now and read it while eating turkey and pie. 


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