Open Thread: This time of year

Did I mention that I found my camera?  Anyway assuming I scheduled this right this will go up on All Souls Day, the last day of Allhallowtide.  The pumpkins are, of course, for the first day: Halloween.  Kind of difficult to talk about that without getting into fraught territory because of religious history, so just focus on the pretty carved gourds that were somewhere in the general vicinity of my neighborhood whenever I took that picture.


Monday Recommendations!  What have you been reading/writing/listening to/playing/watching lately?  Shamelessly self-promote or boost the signal on something you think we should know about - the weekend’s behind us because my mind blanked last week, so give us something new to explore as we hop into our time machines and use all that weekendy time this was supposed to come before!

And, like on all threads: please remember to use the "post new comment" feature rather than the "reply" feature, even when directly replying to someone else!


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