Open Thread: Consuming Nature

Both of my parents worked jobs that didn't get out until well after we got out of school, so my sister and I spent a lot of our childhood at my grandparents' farm.  There was something interesting about the tire swing.  It wasn't tied around the branch it was hanging from; it was coming out of it.

There wasn't a scar or oddity where the rope had once been tied around the branch.  It was a normal stretch of branch, indistinguishable from any other stretch except for the fact that a rope (attached to a tire swing) disappeared into the underside.

The picture is from a hundred miles away, give or take.  It illustrates something that people from other climates do not understand.

Here we are at war with nature.  It's not a war we want to win, per se, it's simply a war that we will lose if we don't constantly fight.  Nature is the great devourer.  Nature is consuming.

Consuming nature will turn fields into forests.  Consuming nature will tear apart our roads and sidewalks.  Consuming nature will turn a house into a foundation that you might not even recognize as a foundation (it's just a weird hole in the ground.)

Consuming nature will engulf, as with that fence.

Consuming nature will put oak trees in your flower garden, maple in the lawn.

All consuming nature will take over everything, if given the chance.


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