Open Thread: Changeling Game

I've mentioned earlier in the comments that I and Kristy and Depizan and a few friends are running a World of Darkness Changeling game online; it's a "play-by-post" on a forum board and not a "real time" game where people all have to sit down at 5:00 pm or whatever. Most players subscribe to the board by email and post 2-3 times a day, to give a sense of pacing.

We've been going on for about six months now and are open to adding in new players if anyone is interested. The game is set in the modern world (so it's not, like, a D&D fantasy campaign with loincloths and dragons). It's character-driven, with the primary conflicts coming from mysteries to solve and social/political plot. (Some of the PCs are literally just working through depression and trauma and learning how to heal, like, that is 100% of the game for those particular PCs.)

There is some combat, but not a ton; this is a modern world setting, so some characters have gone their entire lives without throwing a punch (and, of course, others go into the hedge on adventures and to slay weird fae-beasts, so there's a mix of styles and options). There's lots of role-playing and social interaction, with a focus on character growth. Since I'm a "fluffy" ST, it's relatively light for a WoD game, with a lot of emphasis on the possibility of redemption and rebuilding.

Anyway, if you're interested in an escapist outlet that has character RP and a lot of chatting, let me know; we're kinda of the mindset that more is merrier.


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