Open Thread: Traditions

Brought to you by two people trying to diagram the song "Alice's Restaurant" on a white board.
The song Alice's Restaurant is traditional Thanksgiving fare for a lot of people, myself one of them.  It doesn't really have much to do with Thanksgiving, it's just that part of it happens to take place on Thanksgiving.  (Sort of like how Same Old Lang Syne gets played most often around Christmas.)

So yesterday, I put up a post with my preferred version (30 year anniversary of the Thanksgiving in question) as well as the video in two parts which the image above is taken from: two people illustrating the song in real time on a white board.  Why?  Tradition.  No other reason.

Thus the prompt for this thread, beyond recommends (see below) is tradition.  Yours, your family's, your friends' or those of any other group/person you care to discuss.  Don't be constrained by the time of the year.


Friday Recommendations!  What have you been reading/writing/listening to/playing/watching lately?  Shamelessly self-promote or boost the signal on something you think we should know about - the weekend’s coming up, give us something new to explore!


And, like on all threads: please remember to use the "post new comment" feature rather than the "reply" feature, even when directly replying to someone else! 


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