Open Thread: The Color Of The Post Apocalyptic Landscape

Brought to you by a picture I took of train tracks
Around the time The Book of Eli came out a reviewer noted something the glut of post apocalyptic movies had in common: their color palette.  Zombies, nuclear war, infertility, whatever really, if civilization collapses everything will revert to grays and, if you're lucky, the occasional brown.

My own observations dispute this.  Above is a picture of railroad tracks.  The very symbol of technological progress and industrialization.  This is what happens to them when people stop maintaining them  This isn't deep in the wilderness or anything, it's inside of  a city and mowed grass is a few feet beyond it (hence the amount of light coming through the leaves on the other side of the tracks) and paved road a few meters beyond that.

My assumption is that if we should find ourselves fleeing zombies for any length of time the world will look like this, before the bright and colorful graffiti has had time to fade.

Anyway, it happens to be Friday:

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