Metapost: Next-To-Last Transcript Update

Volunteers will have gotten the email last night, but I am basically done with the transcript project. (YAY! SO MANY TIRED YAY!) I've jammed all 266 transcribed segments into a single epub document, which was by far the bear share of the work. The only things left for me to do is to put words on the cover, finish putting in the full list of volunteers, and upload the thing onto Amazon and Barnes&Noble. I hope to have that finished THIS WEEK, at which point the following will happen:

1. I will sleep for a week. This project has been going on for, no joke, almost a full year. I have basically not been sleeping for the past month, just from wanting to get this done. (YAY!)

2. Normal posting should resume next Tuesday (5/13) and with my apologies for taking off at all.

3. I will put up a final transcript update letting people know where they can get a copy, etc. Then a part of me hopes to never talk about this again, lol, not because it wasn't a good project (IT WAS. IT IS.) but just because now I have to move forward and live with the day-to-day of being in New Gilead right now and that's a lot of feels to work through.

I know some of you have asked me about a paper version of the transcript, and I gotta go thresh out some feels on that. The PDF version of this thing ended up being, like, 2,000+ "pages" long (for a large definition of "page", probably larger than a book would use), and I'm not even sure Amazon's Print on Demand service provides for something of that scope. I'd have to research that... and almost certainly pay my POD formatter that I used for Pulchritude, and...

...I honestly don't know if I have the brain for that right now, or if there's a corresponding level of demand to off-set the cost. I could Kickstarter it, except that too has an activation energy cost--I'm not sure I'm in a peppy-enough plce for a Kickstarter right now. So, long story short, we'll see on paper and I might need to gauge interest on that but for right now we're looking at ebook only for the near future.


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