Recommends: Helping Xavier

[Content Note: Cerebral Palsy]

If you haven't seen this post by Kit Whitfield, and if you have the spoons, please read it here. An important person in my life has cerebral palsy, and it's a hard condition to live with. I will quote Kit here:
First, if you can donate even a small amount, please do: every penny helps. If you can spread the word on your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, or around your friends and colleagues, please do that too.


Lily said...

That operation, since I have CP, sounds really interesting. I wish I had money to donate.


Will Wildman said...

Nothing to say about Xavier that isn't obvious (he seems like a nice kid; everyone who needs it deserves to get this treatment without going broke; those sorts of things). I just thought you (Ana, and Kit) might want to know that your signal boost helped.

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