Open Thread: Weekly Escher Roundup

Bazooka boobs. (NSFW)

Here we go again. (Misogyny)

Drawing eyes. (Coolness)

Escher Kitty. (NSFW)

Sexy carrot. (Hilarious)


Lunch Meat said...

I believe there are several Texans here, so I wanted to share about a bill that was just introduced in our House. HB 201 will allow same-sex adoptive parents to have both of their names listed on supplemental birth certificates in Texas. More information here, and if you want to write to your reps about it, I have some sample letters here.

Loquat said...

My cat likes to do the Escher Kitty pose. I think he finds it to be a nice restful break from his hectic schedule of jumping up on top of closet doors and bookcases.

graylor said...

re Escher Kitty

I like to draw Celtic knots, but stick to abstract things rather than tangled up little people or creatures: they just look too uncomfortable. However, having seen some interesting pictures, I think I could draw knotwork ferrets that are anatomically correct, ;-p.

In other news, I'm putting off writing by embarking on a knitted 'quilt'. Er, a log-cabin-sort-of blanket thing. That is rather blinding because I'm using up the handfuls of brights I have in one piece, though I doubt my cats will care. And I'm supposed to be embroidering a butterfly on a Kindle pouch.

Silver Adept said...

Ow! Some of Escher poses make my back hurt just by looking at them.

chris the cynic said...

Don't miss the "Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls" blog linked in the comments of the "Escher Kitty" one. I'm glad I didn't.

Thanks for pointing that out.


And not all people who live in the U.S. are U.S. citizens.

That too, but I was more concerned about the people I left out than the ones I erroneously included. Plus, in both places (here and there) I was trying to be brief.

Brin Bellway said...

Don't miss the "Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls" blog linked in the comments of the "Escher Kitty" one. I'm glad I didn't.

Voting Day, in which Brin reminds me that not all US citizens live in the US.

And not all people who live in the U.S. are U.S. citizens.

Ana Mardoll said...

I *did* miss that. You have immeasurably brightened my morning.

chris the cynic said...

And more shameless self promotion:
At Slacktiverse:
So you've just been turned into a zombie. - Writen from another zombie's perspective
Not mean; but be. - My perspective on how symbolism, allegory, and things with deeper meaning in general can go wrong, and what should be done by the creator when they start to. Might be somewhat familiar to people following the Buffy threads.

Mime_Paradox said...

Glob, the Tony Harris thing. I really wish it had been somebody other than the guy responsible for drawing half of Starman, which I love (or at least loved--I need to revisit and reevaluate). And then I feel guilty for being pissed off about this particular thing, when there are a million things that are more important and worthy of getting pissed off about, like the actual misogyny. I reeeeally hope this kills his career, even though I fear it won't.

Boutet said...

It won't. It should, but it won't. Politicians can say crap like this on TV and still keep their job. Some guy saying crap on his facebook page... I don't have high hopes for any sort of negative result for him. Even if he loses some readers he could probably get new ones out of guys that agree with him. The world is kind of shit sometimes.

I love the carrotThe carrot makes me happy.

chris the cynic said...

I claim this open thread for shameless self promotion. I'll be back in a bit after I've determined if I've done anything worthy of promotion.

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