Metapost: Daily Deals for UK Folks!

Hey, all! So now there's an affiliate link at the bottom of the page to Amazon UK Daily Deals. w00t!

In theory, I'm an affiliate of Amazon UK now. I'm not quite sure how that affects my taxes, but that's something to work out with the lawyer. In the meantime, click to your hearts' content!


Kit Whitfield said...

Thank you!

Ana Mardoll said...

You're very welcome. :D

Funny story: when you sign up to be an Amazon UK affiliate, there's a "press this button to be enrolled in the other EU affiliate plans" (Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, I think). So I was like, "oh, yeah, okay, I guess."

Now I'm getting affiliate emails in a whole slew of languages. Amazon apparently thinks I'm multi-lingual. Bahaha.

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