Metapost: Technical Difficulties

My sincere apologies go out to everyone for all the weirdness that's been happening on the blog in the past 24 hours. Apparently our Blogger host pushed out an update yesterday that then hosed the entire system. All the blogger blogspot blogs (say that three times fast) were set to "Read-Only" (i.e., no new posts, no new comments) for several hours, and then they finally rolled back the entire system to a snapshot of about 2 days ago.

There's no official word yet on the source of the technical problem, but I have it on good authority that a Blogger employee inadvertently angered a wild ocelot god, and it took the engineering staff quite a while to figure out the appropriate sacrifice for appeasement.

Anyway, supposedly the "missing" blog posts and comments from between that rolled-back snapshot and, well, now are being restored from a separate backup, but in the meantime we've lost our "Poke the Publisher: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" post and our "e-Readers: Inkmesh Search Engine" post.

But never fear, delightful readers! I do have copies of both of these posts and I believe Disqus (our comment host) stores all the comments in their own database, so one way or another, we will restore what was lost. In the meantime, I'm suspending the post I had planned for today until Blogger can get everything cleaned up - I don't want to confuse them anymore. (I'm still putting this one up, though, because by gum you guys deserve to know what's going on.)

Supposedly, these kinds of outages from Blogger are rare and this shouldn't be a common occurrence, but just in case, why not take the time to follow me on Facebook or Twitter just in case we ever have this problem again? I was very distressed when the Read-Only wave hit and I wasn't able to warn everyone that Blogger was down.

Update: And it looks like our Inkmesh post is back, with comments. Just a matter of time now until Scott Pilgrim is back in town, hopefully.


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