Review: Trip Around the World Quilts

Trip Around the World QuiltsTrip Around the World Quilts
by Blanche Young

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Trip Around the World Quilts / 0-9148-8116-7

I saw this book referenced in the "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Quilting" and purchased it sight-unseen because I was desperate for a quilting technique that was machine-friendly and not excessively "country-kitsch". I wanted a modern look with a modern technique that could be used on a sewing machine with ease.

I can't believe how great this book is, or how neglected it is. This thin little book details one method and does it well. The square-based quilts are made from speed-piecing long strips together, cutting at carefully measured intervals, and then speed-piecing again. It's quick, elegant, and absolutely beautiful. The color combinations allow for an infinite variety of quilt types, and everything here can be easily adapted to any sort of living space.

This book comes with wonderful color pictures, careful instructions, and pre-cut cardboard guides to help in your cutting and piecing. I can't recommend it enough.

~ Ana Mardoll

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