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Animal Farm (Hardcover)Animal Farm
by George Orwell

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Though written in a whimsical fairy-tale fashion, "Animal Farm" carefully uncovers the slow, steady means by which a fascinating and frightening ruling class can rip the rights away from the common workers.

All animals are equal, the ruling class gently assures the workers, but some animals are more equal than others. So if you could just work a little hard, a little longer, for a little less food every day, for a less comfy place to sleep on, it would really help the cause and the country. The goodnatured workers nod their heads, shrug their shoulders, and press onward, but with minds clouded with doubt and pain. They are plagued with a sense of unfairness, a sense that - perhaps - the pigs that fail to contribute to the work or to the food supply, could themselves eat a little less, perhaps. Just to help the cause. But never fear! With the twin motivators of fear and awe, coupled with the numbing Lethe of little food, less rest, and no warmth, the sweet animals of Animal Farm will gladly give all their labor, life, and litters to the privileged.

After all, they may be exploited, but at least they are exploited by one of their OWN. And therein lies the absolute heart-rending tragedy of "Animal Farm".

~ Ana Mardoll

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