December Newsletter (2023)

I am sick!

That's actually pretty normal. I usually get sick in the winter. I'm actually really pumped that it doesn't seem to be a bad illness, more just a sort of rattle in the lungs and chest, with a lot of drainage. Seriously, I could single-nosedly power an extremely gross spacecraft or deep sea submarine with the right sort of mucus-based engine. I'm taking a lot of sudafeds and nyquils and whatever else you can't get on shelves anymore. That stuff. And staying hydrated and as far as possible from new drywall because the "allergic to drywall mud" has been upgraded to include "and dust?" so we're trying to be careful about that and not exacerbate it. Suggestions welcome on this one, if anyone else has a drywall allergy. I've never heard of one before, and Google results are mostly about workplace hazards rather than merely living in the midst of post-flood construction.

And/but/so my projects have been a bit delayed thanks to this illness, BUT I wish you a happy holidays and a good new year!


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