January Newsletter (2023)

Hello, all! I'm sorry for the delay in posts lately. I wanted to post cat pictures, and another Narnia post, but I moved my pictures and notes to the downstairs computer in preparation of posting and then... the downstairs flooded and I lost access to my materials.

At first it seemed like everything was going to be fine, as we have insurance and the insurance would cover this event! But we didn't realize at the time that there's an insurance maximum at which point they, uh, stop paying. So we're staring down something like 20K for repairing the basement and replacing the stuff contaminated by human sewage, and another 20K to fix the flood control machinery so this doesn't happen again. Because apparently the previous homeowners installed the sewage pump entirely wrongly! So we've been digging through the couch cushions hoping to find 40K in there somewhere, and not writing nearly as much as I'd like.

I promise there will be more content soon! I apologize for the delay.


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