October Newsletter (2022)

We have a house! We are no longer in temporary housing! We no longer have to worry about being maybe-homeless if our AirBnb hosts get angry with us, nor do we have to deal with a sewage-flooded basement which was a thing there for a couple weeks! We are very excited about this change in situation!

The Good News: SO MUCH. I am afraid I'm going to miss something, that's how much good news we have. We're in a house we really like (even if it does need a lot of work, it's good work that we can look forward to doing). Thanks to all your help, I've found a pain doctor who isn't perfect, but he is willing to keep me on my current script of meds, which is ultimately what we needed the most. Thanks to help from the wonderful Captain Awkward we've found an amazing general practitioner doctor who is fat-accepting, trans-friendly, and actually believes in adult ADHD which was something we really struggled with in Texas. Now that we're in our own bed again, my pain is coming rapidly back down to "normal" levels. The cats are doing well in the new house and are thriving at having their cat towers and blankets and everything else with their scent on it back. Cheddar had an eventful few days, but he's back out of the wall and we'll get the holes repaired soon.

The Bad News: Hardly anything! Money is going to be a little tight for a bit because there were some flaws in the house that the seller didn't disclose. (We had Roto-Rooter out here the second night, lolsob, and we had to get a plumber out to redo the shower floor because it wasn't done right and there was a leaking situation. Plus, it turns out that some of the walls don't have insulation--we can thank Cheddar for finding that out! And we need to fix that before winter, and install blinds, or we're going to be very cold!) I'm going to try to pick up a few extra hours at work to help pay for all that, and I have Kissmate at my side to help me. We're a little worried because our next door neighbor is enthusiastically homophobic who introduced himself by coming over here and ranting about F-slur gay people and how he didn't want Those Trans Folks Around His Kids, but he also seems perfectly convinced that we're a cishet couple who probably agrees with him. We'll see how he reacts when we put up the garden rainbow flag that Kissmate wants to install.

Plans!!: I really want to finish up a post on Prey on Hulu, and I'm watching for Nope to come available to rent on a streaming service because I've heard it's really good. Kissmate is pulling together some great cat pictures for y'all this month, and he has such a good eye for photographs. And I'm hopeful to be able to get back to writing fairy tales! I've been reading some lovely flash fic on Tumblr lately when I wind down to sleep and it's been great for recharging the brain batteries!

Check-In: How are y'all doing? I miss interacting with everyone on a daily basis.


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