September Newsletter (2022)

I'm not sure whether I miss Twitter, but I definitely miss being able to post quick updates about myself without feeling like I'm trying to walk a balance between "spamming you all with email updates" vs "potentially scary radio silence". Maybe I need to embrace doing post updates to newsletter posts, but without sending out an email update for each--then the people who want the updates will have them and the people who prefer fewer emails will not be spammed. Something for me to think about.

The Good News: We're in Chicago, which means we're out of Texas, which means that no one can legally hurt Kissmate for being trans or us for being queerly married. We've found a perfect-for-us little house that we're in love with, and it will be ours for the living in by the end of September. The cats have adjusted to the situation better than I feared, and even Cheddar has started to come out and sit near us in the evenings to be friendly.

The Bad News: The temporary housing situation that I secured for us is... not great. An infestation of ants means we can't keep food in the apartment and we're ordering out more than I'd like. But the real issue is that the bed is stuffed with bricks and straw; sleeping on it or on the emergency air mattress we bought on the first night is wreaking havoc on my bad spine. I wake up every night crying out in pain during my dreams, which means that poor Kissmate isn't getting sleep either (not that he'd ever complain, but it hurts me to hurt him like this). Last night I was crying so much that Chip ran upstairs and lay on top of my back, purring as hard as he could, trying to fix me.

This problem is temporary, I hope. Once we move into our new home, we can set up the special adjustable hospital-style bed that I've been using for years to manage my back pain. But it means that in the interim I haven't been able to work on any new fairy tales or live watches, and I'm so sorry. I don't want to leave you all without any new posts, so I'm going to dig out some old character studies I wrote for a Changeling roleplaying character back in the day and I hope they bring you pleasure--I think they will. (And while I don't have a post written about it yet, I highly recommend checking out Prey on Hulu; it's really good and I want to write about it later when I can sit up at a computer again.)


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