March Newsletter (2022)

Kissmate Vespertilio here! I'm filling in for the newsletter this month because Ana has been confined to bed with back pain for most of the month so far and he was distressed at not putting out a newsletter for you all. ♥

February has come and gone with March stumbling in behind it earlier than we expected. For Ana and I, we've both been through some serious bad days concerning our pains and disabilities, but we soldier onward with the knowledge we have each other. We thank everyone who has sent us well-wishes and filled the tip jar. Words of love and small acts of kindness give us so much joy and helps us get through those lowest of low points. Thank you all!

For those checked out of Twitter (don't blame you at all), newest-member-of-the-family stray-cat Cheddar has been feeling feisty lately, but overall is doing well in his new home! He has a habit of caterwauling at all times, but I've noticed he especially chirps up when Ana is reading aloud. Not sure what to make of it, but maybe we can decipher some patterns of behavior out of this and figure out this strange, adorable, squishy-faced hellion a little quicker. He did spend a few hours under the bed the other day, which is unusual but welcome. Small steps!!

The rest of the cats are adjusting as needed. Cherry has gotten some leadership power to her head and is now walking around more with eyes open and on alert to every detail that might have changed. Not sure if it's because she knows puree chicken now exists, or if she's Not Happy about Cheddar being her new little brother. Coconut still tolerates everyone at a distance. Chip chills with Cheddar at night for duets and night-time strolls. Cookie paces the house constantly, but that might mean nothing since that's her normal pattern. Crispin is... well, still Crispin. He loves to run up and say hi when we're trying to coax Cheddar into the carrier. He's also been darting into the garage lately, so we're working on a solution to slow him down from that because his standard move once in the garage is to try to wriggle up into the car engine from below. We do not know why.

For my personal news, I've been attending college and am doing rather well (insert Bruno's Knock On Wood tune). My first semester was busier than expected, but the hard work paid off with solid A grades across the board! This second semester is more credits, but so far is still manageable. Getting all A grades, studying hard, and doing extra credit when I can! Oh, also staying super safe out there too. I only have to physically attend maybe 2-3 classes, and I always mask with legit N-95 masks. So far, so good!

Current events are, too put very lightly, a real downer. To just brush on one: Abbott is a bad governor, and a horrible person, but the Republicans can't wait to put someone MORE Republican in his place. And I'm like, what? No? Can trans kids and supportive parents of trans kids get a fucking break and just live their lives without pushy-ass legislative officials breathing down their personal files? Look, I know this is preaching to the choir, but holy fUCK can't I go one year of my life without wondering why we have so many patriotic songs and lessons about how "this land is my land, this land is your land" but no one means not one fucking word of it? Just. Fuck. Off. Let me have my "pursuit of happiness" already.

Anyway, on a much, MUCH brighter note: March is the month of Spring Break, so looking forward to that little week off! Woo-Hoo! At least for me. The work of a writer like Ana doesn't have breaks like that, does it? It's usually Blocks or Hiatus. Oh well. Maybe I'll help xer out with something for you guys, hmm? We'll talk about it. Until then, you peeps stay safe and live your best! Peace!

Ana Addendum (Anaddendum?)

You all helped in making Cinder the Fireplace Boy have an amazing release month, thank you! I have contracted with a Black and Disabled narrator whom I love and I cannot wait for you all to hear his work very soon. I think you will love him as much as I do. I promise there will be posts this month and I'm sorry that things have been a slow start because of my back acting up; it doesn't normally confine me to bed for weeks at a time like this.

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