February Newsletter (2022)

Good afternoon, patreon friends. I'm posting later than usual this month because I wanted to get past the winter storm that was coming in to Texas, figuring that it might change the contents of the newsletter somewhat. Good news on that front: the weather this year was much more mild than last year, and we only lost power briefly and never had to go any length of time without heat. We're thankful.

In other February news, we have rescued a stray orange cat from our backyard and he is coming to terms with things like "living in a house" and "being part of a cat colony" for what seems to be either the first time or the first time in a while. We got to pet him for the first time yesterday, so we're very happy. You can follow his adventures on Twitter under my "Cheddar Updates" threads.


Cinder the Fireplace Boy has been out for a month and everyone who ordered on Etsy or by Patreon tier should have their paper copy in the mail by now. Please let me know if yours hasn't come!

Setting a book loose into the world is always complicated and hard, because you never know how people will react to it. In the case of Cinder, reviews have been strongly mixed; for every 5-star review praising the book there seems to be a 1-star review (falsely) claiming that I changed nothing except the pronouns. It's... been difficult to get back to writing this month because my plan had been to plunge in and continue with the fairy tale stories but now I am not certain if that's what the world wants and needs right now. I just don't know, and my winter depression isn't helping.

I can't think of more to say right now, I'm so sorry. Please drop me a line in the comments if you enjoyed Cinder and/or the fairy tales on the patreon. I'm trying to work out whether this project is something I should continue or shutter. It was bringing me a great deal of joy, but that doesn't mean anything if it doesn't help others too. Yours most humbly, Ana.

EDIT: I forgot to post a picture of Cheddar, I'm so sorry. Here he is.


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