January Newsletter (2022)

Happy new year!! 💕 I'm extremely proud of myself that I managed to write "2022" on this post rather than the old muscle memory of "2021". It's January and that means: BOOK RELEASE!

Book News: Cinder the Fireplace Boy will release on Amazon on January 4th, 2022. If you've pre-ordered the ebook, then that's when it will show up on your reader. Paper copies are already up and ready to order now from Amazon, but I get a much higher royalty rate on my Etsy store, if you want to buy from the source!

- For those who are members of my Patreon, links have been posted over there for downloading the book so that patrons have pre-access before release.

Other News: Our friend Pepper will be moving in with us over the spring and summer. This will make the house a little crowded, but the move will get him out of an abusive home situation. We hope that his parents will eventually allow his little sister, Pibb, to move in with us. We have been getting the house ready for him, and starting up resin-work and 3D printing-work in our garage and study in the hopes that he can quit his job and do Etsy crafts full-time rather than continue to work with his mother.

All this has left us pretty busy, which is why you've seen fewer movie posts lately. That will change soon, and I'm thankful for your patience with us! I love you all and I hope we have a good new year.

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