April Newsletter (2021)

I'm sorry that this newsletter is late, and that it's going to be such a short one.

[Medical Stuff]

I went in for gallbladder removal surgery last Monday in what was supposed to be a routine procedure: a couple little laparoscopic scars no longer than an inch, and I'd go home that night. Kissmate already had the same surgery a couple weeks before, so it was just a repeat of what we already knew. Easy-peasy.

Instead, we ended up with some major weird complications. My gallbladder was apparently covered in little gangrene spots and falling apart to the touch. The surgeon eventually just had to cut me open a full six-inches and pull everything out the old-fashioned way. Now I have a groovy long scar full of staples (25!) and I sleep 20 hours a day.

[/Medical Stuff]

I do have posts to post, but the tricky thing is being awake enough to post them and also upright: these two things are very hard to do right now. The good news is that I'm not really in very much pain; I'm just very tired all the time. That's supposed to be my body healing.

I promise that posts will return soon and I'm so sorry for this unexpected delay. I feel just awful about it, and I will get better as fast as I can.


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