February Newsletter (2021)

I'm sorry the newsletter is late this week. Kissmate has been very ill for over a week now. What started as an upset stomach last Monday morning grew into him having to take a week off of work and culminated in us going to the Emergency Room on Sunday night. Which was very scary, of course.

[Medical Stuff] At the ER, they said his stomach lymph nodes are very swollen. They aren't sure why; the most likely cause is an infection, but it could be viral or bacterial. They gave him a covid test (negative!) and antibiotics, but they warned that the antibiotics may not do anything if the illness is viral. They were very nice and said to come back if he gets worse or doesn't improve, but American ER visits are very expensive, so we probably won't unless we absolutely have to.

[Medical Stuff] Worst of all, they can't give him any pain medications because apparently anything really serious about medicating pain will have a side-effect of constipation and they said that's the last thing you want when you have swollen lymph nodes in your digestive system. So all he can do is try to sleep through the pain. He's been miserable and of course I'm sick with worry. So I'm writing this in the dark while he sleeps next to me.

Prayers and thoughts are very welcome. I'm not used to taking care of sick people--I'm usually the sick one--so all this is very scary and I just want to make him all better. I wish I could, like, volunteer to be sick in his place.

Regarding posting: I have another queer Grimms retelling up on my Patreon! I hope you like it; I had a lot of fun writing it, though I had to edit a lot more heavily than some of the other pieces in order to keep a consistent flow. There are also three film live-watches that will be going up on Patreon this month, and I hope to get some more in; Kissmate likes watching silly-bad films while he's not feeling well. I love you all and I hope you're safe and well. Thank you for being here with me.

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