January Newsletter (2021)

Oh my gosh, it's a new year. I want to tentatively poke at it. 2020 was painful and spiky in a lot of ways and I really do hope that 2021 is gentler and more loving, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I woke up trembling like a newborn lamb and I haven't quite gotten my legs under me yet.

But! Regular posting will resume this month, both here and on my Patreon! I have an absolutely lovely Grimms fairy tell retelling (or perhaps I should say queertelling? no? I'll workshop it a little.) for my patrons, as well as two dreadfully awful movies that were painful to watch but which I hope resulted in pleasant live-watching material for you all.

I hope you're all well and safe as we step into the new year. Please don't feel you have to be bright and cheerful here if you aren't feeling it (this isn't the instagrams!) as this is a safe space for people who are scared out of their wits like me. All my love to you. ♡

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