September Newsletter (2020)

September is here and that seems...kind of impossible? We've been in quarantine since March, which feels both forever ago but also yesterday. Kissmate and I have been surviving with the usual ups and downs for this time of year: allergy season, a minor bout of what seemed to be flu but turned out to be more allergies, and existential dread about the upcoming election. The normal stuff!

In writing news, I've figured out that the project I was struggling with is actually two projects, so that's been a big step forward in terms of planning. The second of the two projects is a collection of fairy tales that have been scavenged from the Brothers Grimm and have had queer people added to them. I've spent this week cataloging the collections on Project Gutenberg, tabulating the stories therein, and organizing them by known Aarne-Thompson type. Links, if you find this nerdily fascinating like I do:

The Grimms' stories suss out into several categories, only a few of which are really ripe for this project; the "Animal Tales" are mostly morality fables that either end in everyone gruesomely dead, or learning a moral that would clash with most modern sensibilities, or otherwise just aren't ripe for stuffing with queerness. (I adore the Bremen Town Musicians, but have no idea how to Make It Queer.) So I've been reading through the fables and setting aside which ones are most likely candidates for queering and which are probably not. All this probably sounds like slow going, but it's such a relief to be able to create again, even if it's just making a derivative work rather than a wholly new one.

In other news! We went to the post office today and mailed out books and bookmarks to patrons. If you're in a $5 or more tier and haven't gotten a No Man of Woman Born bookmark, please let me know and I'll mail one out to you! If you're in the $25 or more tier and don't have a copy of No Man of Woman Born, please let me know and I'll sign and mail out one to you. We'll go to the post office at the end of the month (we're trying not to go too often because of covid) so that should give everyone time to message me.

Patreon News

All Patrons: For your live-watching pleasure, we will be posting my-and-Kissmate's watches of the Resident Evil series. The first five movies are, of course, the pinnacle of human endeavor and the greatest art of all time, while the sixth and final film was a load of garbage and potato peels. We had such fun and I hope you will too!

$5+ Patrons: You're going to get some amazing fairy tales this month, I hope. Come hell or high water.

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Please take care out there. I know a lot of you have had to reduce pledges because covid is hurting employment and housing so much. Please prioritize your own self-care and stay safe. I worry about everyone. Love to you all.


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