February Newsletter (2020)

I'm actually terribly ashamed to realize only now that I never put up a January newsletter. I thought I did! I distinctly remember writing it in my head and posting it, like, mentally. Just apparently not online and I am so sorry for that. I hope you haven't all been left wondering if I'm okay and were able to see on my twitter feed that I'm still alive. I live! Woot!

January was a tough month full of nevertheless wondrous things. Kissmate escaped a profoundly bad situation and moved in with me, which has been basically the best thing that I've ever experienced, ever, and I'm informed that they feel the same way about me. (eee!!) My mother's health reached a plateau where it wasn't getting worse (good), came through a difficult surgery with flying colors (good!), and is doing so much better that she's even able to urinate a little now without a catheter (great!!).

I myself was sick with a very nasty cold-flu-thing that played hell with my voice for the first week of January, got better, and acquired my first urinary tract infection in the last week of January. What a wild ride! Not helping was the fact that my insurance cut me off my meds-which-work to move me onto meds-which-don't-work for purposes of saving money for the shareholders. My doctor is fighting with them, but it's a process that takes literal months and in the meantime I have no recourse but to be in agony. That part sucks quite a lot, I won't lie.

It's hard to be a productive writer when you're in worse pain than usual, and I've been distracted by a lot of bad things (health, parents, politics) and some amazing good things (kissmate, online friends, cats). But I am taking steps back towards productivity because I miss writing and I miss being able to write for you all.

Old Projects

A big roadblock for my older projects was that when I'd sit down to write on them, my brain would take me back to the last time I worked on them, which was when my ex was here. Going over my old notes was an exercise in pain because it was like I was reliving a lot of really awful experiences each time. It's clear that this isn't going away with time, so I'm taking steps to speak with a writing mentor to talk about my old notes and try to "push through" those bad memories to build new ones.

New Projects

By the time this posts many of you will have already seen the first part of my new vampire story. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, and explores a cult survivor escaping childhood trauma with someone she's been told is evil and damned. Kissmate is helping me write this one and it's been very cathartic. I think it'll end up a long short story rather than a short novel, but either way I'm excited at the prospect of exploring a world that has previously been too painful for me to really write about. (There's a reason most of my protagonists are non-religious.)

Other News

- I want to get back into my Let's Plays now that my voice seems to be back. Knock on wood that I don't lose it again just for saying that, lol.

- I do plan to get back to live-watching terrible films. There's been a bit of a delay because (a) Kissmate and I are trying to backfill old episodes of Great British Bake Off and Critical Role (sort of... we're still on episode 1 of campaign 2, which is where we started), and (b) because it's hard for me to be witty when my pain meds aren't working. I see my doctor on the 7th to talk about switching prescriptions to something else.

- Please let me know if you're in the $5 tier and haven't received a No Man of Woman Born bookmark. I had excellent records of whom I had mailed and who I hadn't but then I stopped tracking subscription changes when I fell ill and now my records are a mess.

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I hope you're all very well.


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