Promotion: Freelancers Found

People often ask me on twitter if I know sensitivity readers for [x, y, or z] topic, or if I can recommend indie artists for [x, y, or z] commission, or if I can name all the freelance editors I know, and often on the spur of the moment I can't because my brain is a sieve.

This is trying something new: if you're a freelancer taking commissions/clients at this time, please post in here with whatever service you offer and a means to contact you. (Might be a good time to make up a work-only email that you can post publicly.) Rates are helpful to add but not required--what you post is entirely up to you.

If folks find this useful, I'll repeat the post on occasion as a means of keeping current who is still active and taking commissions vs. who is done or full up for now. Previous threads will be searchable under the "promotion" tag.


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