December Newsletter (2018)

November had some high highs and some low lows and has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me.

Bad Stuff: [TW: Pet Death] My cat Quincey became very ill in early November and I eventually had to go on a sort of bedside vigil with him, trying to coax him to eat and giving him subcutaneous fluids from an IV bag. My vet is wonderful but we couldn't fight total kidney failure and Quincey passed away on the 14th.

Good Stuff: I wanted to honor Quincey's memory and felt the best thing I could do would be to raise another little tuxedo baby in his name. Through a series of unexpected events, I ended up with two new babies: a little tuxedo named Crisp and his bonded sister Cherry. The shelter thought Cherry was feral and didn't think they could place her. I took her so she and her brother wouldn't be separated. She pretty much hasn't left my lap since that happened.

Less Good Stuff: Chip and Cookie came to me with a few fleas but otherwise in good health. Crisp and Cherry have not been nearly so lucky. They had a huge infestation of fleas, and additionally have several patches of ringworm. We're fighting that now with medicine and I believe they'll be fine in the end, but it's been a spoon-draining experience.

All that said, I didn't complete NaNoWriMo, which is disappointing -- I'd wanted very much to work on my Earthside book and get it finished. I'm going to try to work on it this December over Christmas. I try to remind myself that delays are part of life and not a personal failing, but it is difficult to keep in mind at times.

Here are some free things that you should definitely check out:

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Let's talk subscriber gifts.

I have ordered some beautiful custom bookmarks with the No Man of Woman Born cover art on them and would like to send these out to everyone who is signed up for $5 or more as of December. I'm going to wait a couple days to get everyone, but then I'll be sending out messages on the Patreon system asking whether you want a bookmark and where it should be sent. It'll be fun, I hope! So keep your eyes peeled for inbox mail!

In Closing

Thank you all for sticking with me and being patient through this time. Losing Quincey was incredibly hard, and moreso because it felt tied to my husband leaving. (Quincey didn't eat well after he moved out, I think because he was so upset at the change.) I felt in many ways at fault for his passing, like if I had done more to keep my spouse here, then maybe none of this would have happened. So many of you have worked with me on Twitter and in private DMs to counsel me that this is not the case and my brain is being a jerk. Thank you.

I miss my baby so much, and (in some ways) my husband. But if all this hadn't happened, I wouldn't have the joy of being lifted up in love by all of you. Thank you, more than words can say. I love you. ♥


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