July Newsletter (2018)

Apparently it's July?????? When? How?

I'm afraid I don't have a lot to report today and I'm honestly really sorry. June saw me go out on my second surgical leave of the year, this time to cut out a cyst which kept expanding on my ovary. The surgery was supposed to be routine and no big deal, but they ended up having to take one of my fallopian tubes. I'm still recovering from all that (my incisions are very ouch) and my emotions have been all haywire.

What's most frustrating is that this was meant to help with a pain I've been having--and which sent me to the Emergency Room last month--and the pain... hasn't stopped. So apparently the cyst was an unrelated thing that needed to come out but we still haven't gotten the culprit. Bodies!

All this has meant my writing has been in a downward spiral of nope because I've spent most of the month sleeping off the anesthetic. But I'm hopeful that July will be better. It can't be worse, which means it will be better, right? ♥ ♥ ♥


♡ $2+ Fantasy Realtor. This was a fun drabble I wrote after thinking about realtors in D&D settings where they need to explain things like the failed summoning circle burned into the living room floor. I love this one, even if it's a short one.

♡ $5+ Fire Mage Chapter 6, the next chapter in my Fire Mage wip!

♡ $25+ Early Access: No Man of Woman Born Signed Paperbacks! I actually made deadline on this, which feels like a miracle! I got these to the post office earlier in the week and some of them have already reached their new homes! This is a huge big happy feeling!


TRANS PROPHECY PROJECT: In case you missed it: The book is finished! I'm so excited I could pop! eBooks exist and are going out to you today, and have been put up for pre-order at Amazon and elsewhere. There is a GoodReads page! There is a cover reveal at LGBTQ Reads which is a life-long goal of mine!! This month has been amazing.

DON'T FORGET: Stay safe and take care. I'll be back next month with more. ♥


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