Metapost: A Short History of My Dominant Hand

I suppose I need to make an announcement about this instead of belly-aching all over Twitter, so here goes: My dominant hand needs surgery.

I found this out on March 9th when I went to a hand doctor about my finger (middle, right hand) acting funny. They diagnosed it as a "trigger finger" about to lock up and gave me a shot that had a 50/50 chance of clearing up the problem and possibly alleviating some of the pain. Not only did the problem not clear up, the pain increased and the condition spread to the next finger over (ring finger).

I wanted to get surgery as soon as possible and bounce back right away, but two problems stood in the way of that: one, my insurance wouldn't let me have surgery until April 9th (for horrible, no-good reasons) and two, apparently my hand will have stitches in it for two weeks. Cue screaming because I honestly do not know how to go two weeks without writing and survive.

What does this mean right now? Well, from now until May I will be less available to blog, tweet, write, email, comment, moderate, or otherwise exist online. (I know about voice transcription and yes I will try it again, but previous forays have indicated that it is not conducive to my creative process.) I am hoping that this doesn't affect my book publishing plans and my patreon schedule, but I mean. That's... we'll have to see.

And that's all, really. Sorry to bear bad tidings! 


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