Open Thread: Ornamental Fence Bottom

At eye level and above the fence around Lincoln Park in Portland (once home to Occupy Portland) is a very simple utilitarian design of square metal upright bars connected by a single crossbar.  If one keeps their eyes up the only particularly interesting thing to see, other than rust patterns, is the "posts" between the fence sections (holding up the sections.)  Those are somewhat taller, have a footprint of a regular octagon and eight bars to match, also two octagonal cross loops.  Truly a sight to behold.

In other words, it's a fairly boring fence.  It's not ugly, and it can be appreciated, but it seems to be a place where utility almost completely triumphed over style, with the only concession to style being, "I suppose we could do something different with the posts since they're completely different constructions anyway."

If, however, one looks down, that changes.

It's not as if there are spectacular friezes depicting the mythological history of Portland, Maine or the life of Lincoln, there's just a repeating pattern of circles and lines.  It is, however, something different.  Instead of the straight vertical and horizontal lines that characterize the higher fence sections and the posts, there are multiple sizes of circle, 45 degree lines, variable depth, and, well . . . style.  Right at the bottom.  So your ankles will get a nice view.


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