Open Thread: Light at the End

On the eve of the new year, at the Boston common. Early (family) show not the midnight show. Light at the end of the year. I considered "New Year; New Light" as a title, but this was December 31st not January 1st. An ending, not a beginning.

The 17 on the building confused me (Lonespark can verify this.)

It's just . . . I have previously seen (though not in person) building lights used for countdowns and such, and I can imagine such a display being put on when the new year started, but never before have I seen an announcement to anyone with line of site of which year it isn't.

Part of me wonders if they switched to "18" at midnight to remind everyone that it wasn't 2018 yet.  (Ok, it doesn't.  No part of me wonders that.  But I do think it would make sense for people who have a giant lit up "17" because it's 2016 to have a giant lit up "18" when it's 2017.)


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