Open Thread: Twisty Leaves

It must have been five or six thousand degrees.  There on the side of the road was a plant and metal shop that said it had pie.  Or perhaps it was just a heat induced waking dream shared by Lonespark, myself, and my camera.

We stopped in and looked around.  They had everything.  Everything that included metal wings in various shapes and sizes, enough peacock stuff to make a shrine to Hera, flowers in all colors one could imagine and perhaps even a few colors one couldn't.  Plants with leaves as big as me.  Those glass reflective sphere things in multiple colors.  Pie.  Duck sculptures.  Dog sculptures.  Eagle sculptures.

Petrified bisected chambered nautiliplay.

At one point Lonespark asked if I'd seen the twisty leaves.  I hadn't.  Above you see the twisty leaves.


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