Open Thread: Blue

Floor of a Greyhound bus, low light.  The key to finding pretty, it has often seemed to me, is to always be open to finding it even when you're not looking for it and wouldn't expect it.  Maybe it's hiding on the floor of a bus, maybe it's the way light is reflected off of water glazing the concrete area where commuters wait for rides and buses when their journey on the T is over.  Actually reflections have a lot of potential.  Sun in the sky: blinding light, don't look it'll kill your eyes.  Sun reflection on largely flat water that has a gentle breeze rippling the surface: Sparkly!

Or maybe it's a rust formation on the metal sidewalk of a drawbridge.  Maybe it's the light through the leaves or the stitching pattern on a textile you never thought to take a close look at.  Maybe it's the way light comes through a dirty lampshade, or the bark on a tree.  Maybe it's those monochrome rocks they keep around the subway tracks, or lichen on a rock that you usually don't have time to notice.

Maybe it's the floor of a Greyhound bus.

The world is full of pretty once you start taking notice of it.


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