Open Thread: Brick Walls, with and without graffiti

I was walking home and realized I was several streets too far up the hill, either I missed a turn or I made a turn I shouldn't have.  To get back on track I ended up walking through an alley between a parking garage and a club called The Asylum.  I started taking pictures of the graffiti on the Asylum and someone told me that the good stuff was around the corner.  This is what was around the corner.

I don't have any good software for stitching photos together, and eventually gave up on giving a representative picture for the open thread picture.  You can read an article here (though that is about a previous incarnation, as it's an annual mural), or just run a google image search if you want some good photos.

And, across the parking lot (foreground) and alley (way back) the parking garage's bricks look rather drab and outclassed.


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