Open Thread: Giant Lego Giraffe

Two things tie for coming to mind first.  One is that, even though the person said, "Lego giraffe," it's actually made out of Duplo blocks.  Of course, Duplo is a Lego product line, so I guess there's wiggle room there.  The second thing is that my brain really, really wanted to call this "Giant Lego Elephant".  No idea why, but it's been really persistent about this.  Swapping out words for vaguely related words (Amsterdam for Istanbul, acorn for pine cone, window for mirror, apostrophe for asterisk) is pretty standard for my brain, but it usually doesn't try quite as hard as it's been trying here.

This area was originally a dirt field.  Just a field of dirt.  Not even grass grew here.  Commerce didn't even try.  Then they plopped down a transit station (is a subway still a subway when it's above ground for the last few stops?) and all sorts of buildings sprouted up, and with them a giant duplo giraffe.


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