Open Thread: Mad Max

MAD MAX: FEMINIST ROAD may be the best movie I've ever seen and I don't say that lightly. I've never been so invested in a movie before, never been so genuinely terrified for the characters, and oh my god there were so many women and so much Bechdel and so many moments. God. God. Wow. God.

It's a Mad Max movie, which means it's violent and triggery and I'm not saying go see it because it's definitely not for everyone but oh my god it was everything for me. The women. THE WOMEN WERE AMAZING.

I'm crying. I don't think a movie has ever affected me like this, and it's partly because on a very meta level, every movie should be like this: lots of female characters, full of personality and struggles and failings and moments of so many different kinds of bravery and cleverness and strength and oh my god. Oh my god.

Here is an open thread to talk about things. Spoilers abound!


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