Metapost: Medicine Is Magic

I had this whole adorable thing worked up where I was gonna do this post as an episode recap for My Little Blogger: Medicine Is Magic! and how shy little Ana-jack learned a valuable lesson about the importance of her back medication, but (a) the idea was cuter than anything I could implement and (b) the implementation step would have required me to sit at the computer longer and I kinda can't.

So. Short version.

I get my medications through a mail-order pharmacy attached to our insurance. There was a goof-up this month which means that a medication I've been on for 2+ years now will now be a week or two late in getting to my house. Which means that for 1-2 weeks, I'm off one of the four medications that I pretty much can't function without. Which means that I am now, on Day 3 of being without this medication, not functioning. I can lie in bed and I can get to the toilet but that's about it. And while I know, intellectually, that I was already in constant pain, somehow it feels so much worse when it gets worser all over. Like, exponentially.

Anyway. I'm going to go lie back down and try to think distracting thoughts, but I wanted to let people know what was going on. There will be more Twilights--I have all the thoughts on Chapter 19 and was planning to post more yesterday but then all this happened--but for right now I'm in a hurty place. The short version is that all the Cullens are assholes, lol.


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