Metapost: Out for the Week

So, I keep sitting down to write a Twilight and stuff keeps happening and then I think I should write a metapost, I've been flakey for a couple weeks now, but then I think no, this is incentive to write that Twilight, and then I sit down to write a Twilight and around it goes.

So. Short and sweet: I'm out for a week. I really hope that means we'll have posts next week!

I'm sorry to stick everyone with this, but work has gotten hella-busy for me, and my back has correspondingly acted up in response, which means that then I don't sleep at night, which makes everything go in this vicious cycle and also every family member I have in the area has decided to have birthdays this summer for some weird reason (SPACE THEM OUT PEOPLE. ONCE PER MONTH.) and apparently I am expected to attend social functions like an adult which surprises me because people didn't use to care if I showed up. So that's a spoon-thing.

Also: We are totally about to start Chapter 19 on Twilight and it is just... things are happening and it's like plot only it's like buh and my fingers are all noooooooo when it comes to typing. So I need to brain at it a bit, and you deserve a better post than me going WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN twenty-thousand times in a row.


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