Feminism: Joan by Heather Dale

[Content Note: Religious Extremism, Violence]

Joan by Heather Dale

It would be wrong to suggest that Joan of Arc does not have a whole host of problematic things accompanying her life and legend. (Nor do I think Heather Dale is ignorant of those things, given that singing songs about controversial and/or murderous legendary women is kind of a thing she does, and does well.) Religious extremism is not a good thing, not when it results in the death of others.

But. I really like this song for the following lyrics:

And they won't call me mother, or sister, or wife
They will know me or not by the strength of my life
I will burn with a light of my own
They'll know me as Joan.

Which I think is important given that women are still by-and-large being defined in the national discourse in terms of our familial status rather than, simply, who we are. That needs to stop. 

Hat-tip to AdrianTurtle at Shakesville.


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