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I'm working on fleshing out the Deconstructions page here.

First and foremost, if someone can find the comment where someone suggested that trees solve a lot of world-building problems because they're the perfect historians and can remember Aslan before the time of the Witch, I'd be ever so grateful.

Second, if there are any other FAQ points that need to go into the LWW Narnia section, please let me know. I'm trying to keep it simple while still being informative.

Third, the Twilight posts will come along shortly, as I can add them. Suggestions on FAQ items for Twilight are welcome here; links to where a meme or explanation first went up will be received with much gratitude.

Thank you!

NOTE: The Recent Rambles widget is probably going to be a little wonky as I go through these for the next month or so -- I'm editing archived posts to have consistencies throughout with regards to image use, content notes, chapter recaps, etc. I apologize for any inconvenience. 


redcrow said...

That was Anna in a comment to "Oral traditions of the Church of Aslan":

Ana Mardoll said...

Thank you!

Silver Adept said...

I've put a few ideas in some of the Twilight posts for things. Have you mined those for ideas and entries?

Ana Mardoll said...

Yes! I have:

Initial Suggestion:

Depression Issues:

Mr. Banner, Darkest Sketch, Cullen Masquerade:

Quite a few here:

And then your excellent explanation here:

But I do need to pull up links to where some of this stuff was first brought up in posts and comments. :D

chris the cynic said...

Given the size of the Twilight deconstruction, you might want to break it up by chapter the way you appear to be planning on breaking up Narnia by book. That might make it easier to navigate.

Also, as a historical note, Silver Adept is correct that the first instance of Edith and Ben was the van scene. Originally it was just one of several versions of the van Scene.

Ana Mardoll said...

Thank you! Both the suggestion and the data were very helpful. Updates continue!

chris the cynic said...

So I noticed that the deconstructions page says, "Chris the Cynic rewrote Bella's truck to be a time machine, which Bella then used to embark on adventures to right the wrongs of Twilight."

"Adventures to right the wrongs of Twilight" was never the intention, mostly because there never was an intention, but that does seem to be where my mind is going with it.

Since I have no idea when, if ever, this will come up, I thought I'd share that I've been putting a lot of thought into how a couple of teenagers with a time machine might save Leah's dad given that they would only know that he needed to be saved on account of the fact that his death would give them the necessary information so, save him, prevent them from getting the information needed to save him, which means that they `save him, which means that they do have the information which means ... paradox. Wouldn't trying to prevent this tragedy end up destroying the world?

I have thoughts on how one might get around that. Not necessarily intelligent thoughts, but thoughts none the less. And they are accompanied by the thought that maybe, just maybe, Bella and her truck can right every wrong in Twilight because it's not like she has something better to do with her time in Twilight. (I've considered the speech she might give to Caius to scare him out of arbitrarily killing mistaken vampire woman in hopes of starting a bloodbath, even though I only know about that scene because the word "hair" is mentioned near it.)


(What follows is about fertility and lack thereof in Twilight, so be aware of that.)

I was going to write that the only wrong that I wasn't seeing a way around is the way that Bella is forced to eventually end up with Edward. If nothing else the plot kind of demands a hybrid baby. Even if I did manage to write a convincing redemption of Edward, you've still got the story, which Bella is very much not onboard with, coercing the characters into the relationship.

In the process of starting to write that I was hit with a completely different idea for the origin of the hybrid child. It's not a good idea, but I find myself much preferring that Rosalie be the sperm donor* than Edward. It's not that "How I became a vampire at 18 via surrogate motherhood," is a good story, but it feels better than, "How I became a vampire at 18 via marrying a jerk."

*The technology doesn't exist yet, but Bella has a time machine.

Silver Adept said...

@Ana -

Ah, I didn't notice where all that was going. I was expecting a new index post somewhere. Sorry.

@chris the cynic - As I recall, that's considered a Stable Time Loop, and you proceed in the narrative from the point at which the dad is saved, as the timeline in which he is not saved stops with the arrival of Bella and the TARDIS, at which point they go back and save him and proceed down the other path. Assuming there aren't creatures that break through when you change the timestream like that.

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