Review: Treasure Island

Treasure Island (Modern Library Classics)Treasure Island
by Robert Louis Stevenson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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There's been so many movies based on "Treasure Island" that it's almost impossible not to be somewhat familiar with the story. Stevenson shines here, managing to carefully craft a story for children that will also appeal to adults.

The boy hero of the story is respected enough to be included in the plans and tribulations of the adults on board, but is not kowtowed to the point of offending adult sensibilities. The pirates are realistically rendered, but not to the point where real children would likely be frightened - the violence here is fantastical only, of the sort that was seen so vividly in other classics, such as "Peter Pan". Indeed, I am tempted to categorize "Treasure Island" as a children's classic, alongside such classics as Barrie's work, but I feel that the slightly dated format and feel of this particular classic might present a barrier to young children. Perhaps this is best read as an adult's guilty pleasure, or as a group reading choice, with the adult explaining the more esoteric references and sea-faring minutia.

~ Ana Mardoll

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