Review: Longman Anthology of British Literature, 2A

The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Volume 2A: The Romantics and Their Contemporaries (2nd Edition)The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Volume 2A
by David Damrosch

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The Longman Anthology of British Literature, 2A / 0-321-10579-6

This anthology belongs to the three-volume set of The Longman Anthology of British Literature (Volumes 2A, 2B, 2C). Each volume contains gorgeous color plates of contemporary artwork and portraits. The authors are arranged not only by the dates they represent, but also by the causes that they provide perspective on. This arrangement makes the literary selections more meaningful when read as a group, and provides a great deal of insight on pertinent issues which influenced the authors' writings. This arrangement does mean, however, that many selections are scattered throughout the work, so if you wish to read all the selections by a specific author, then you will have to wade through the index to find the three or four places where their writings are located.

The authors represented in this volume are:
- Austen, Jane
- Baillie, Joanna
- Barbauld, Ann Letitia
- Bellamy, Thomas
- Blake, William
- Burke, Edmund
- Burns, Robert
- Clare, John
- Clarkson, Thomas
- Cobbett, William
- Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
- Cowper, William
- de Quincey, Thomas
- Equiano, Olaudah
- Gilpin, William
- Godwin, William
- Gordon, George (Lord Byron)
- Hazlitt, William
- Hemans, Felicia
- Kant, Immanuel
- Keats, John
- Lamb, Charles
- Lamb, Mary
- Macaulay, Catherine
- Moore, Thomas
- More, Hannah
- Newton, John
- Paine, Thomas
- Polwhele, Richard
- Prince, Mary
- Radcliffe, Mary Anne
- Robinson, Mary
- Ruskin, John
- Scott, Sir Walter
- Shelley, Percy Bysshe
- Smith, Charlotte
- Smith, Eaglesfied
- Southey, Robert
- Spence, Sir Patrick
- Thompson, William
- Wakefield, Priscilla Bell
- Wheeler, Anna
- Williams, Helen Maria
- Wollstonecraft, Mary
- Wordsworth, Dorothy
- Wordsworth, William
- Yearsley, Ann Cromartie
- Young, Arthur

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