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Easy WriterEasy Writer
by Andrea A. Lunsford

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Easy Writer: A Pocket Guide / 0-312-25591-8

I used this pocket guide extensively in college, and I'll happily sing the praises of this little pocket guide! The guide covers every major documentation school of thought - and several minor ones that I was unaware of prior to the purchase of this guide. The documentation covers every possible occurrence - from the banal One-Book-One-Author guidelines (that every documentation guide includes) to obscure guidelines for modern sources such as online web pages, spoken conversations, e-mail communication, taped interviews, and so on.

Many of these occurrences I could not even find in documentation guidelines online, let alone in my college texts. The documentation guidelines also provide lucid and useful examples. I recommend this guide highly, if you have a lot of term papers to write and if you have a teacher who is a stickler for documentation!

~ Ana Mardoll

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