Review: The Divine Comedy (Everyman's Library)

The Divine ComedyThe Divine Comedy (Everyman's Library)
by Dante Alighieri

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Divine Comedy / 0-679-43313-9

This edition of the Divine Comedy is a beautiful addition to any library. The hardcover cloth binding is clean and tight, with a ribbon bookmark. I'm not an expert in translations, but this translation seems very good, true to the source material. The poetic nature of the poem is carefully preserved, with copious notes to explain the political, historical, and religious significance of the more obscure passages.

This book probably isn't your choice for an evening of light reading and, unless you're an expert on the subject material, you will probably spend a lot of time flipping to the back to read the end notes, but if you need to read the Divine Comedy for a class, or for edification, this is a good edition to choose. The whole Comedy is included here - Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso - which is a nice inclusion since too many "Divine Comedies" out there only include Inferno, the most famous of the three. I recommend this edition highly.

~ Ana Mardoll
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