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Traditional Publishing Is My Bitch! (and other inflammatory remarks)Traditional Publishing Is My...!
by Mike Cooley

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Traditional Publishing is My.... / B005HFQ2JG

I agree with the other reviewers who likened this little book to a blog post -- but I also agree that isn't a bad thing. There's something very energizing and therapeutic about this particular blog post; it's precisely the right thing to read for encouragement and affirmation for the new and wanna-be indie authors out there.

The second half of the book has some quick tips and tricks. Most of this is extremely obvious and will be included in other self-publishing books, but it bears repeating here, especially when this is free. My advice would be to pick this up, read it from beginning to end (shouldn't take more than an hour), and then if you're still needing more information, look at "Let's Get Digital" or some of the other offerings on the market.

~ Ana Mardoll

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